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PRINTOBIA believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:
If you cancel in the first 15 days of purchase, you are entitled to a full refund, less the cost of any claims filed.
After 15 days
Single Pay Customers: You are entitled to a prorated refund if you cancel more than 15 days after you purchase your service contract. Once cancelled your coverage is effective through the cancellation date. Your prorated refund is calculated as total value of sales contract, less usage charges of 2 USD per day.
Monthly Pay Customers: If you cancel after the first 15 days, your service contract is effective through the end of your current billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle your service contract, and all billing activities, will end.
Important Note: As you there is “no obligation contract” between us and we are ready to refund you for the unused days if you are not satisfied. For any reason incase you opt to do chargeback without sending us an email for refund request on 15 business days prior filing a chargeback, there will be a penalty of USD 1000 + legal fee which we will have to incur in filing the case
All refund takes 15 business days to complete from the date of request


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PRINTOBIA is the one and only Web2Print solution provider aiming to keep our customers ahead of competition and enabling them to realize their creative potential and focus on innovation and customer satisfaction first.

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Since the invention of computers from the mid of the 20th century, life has become much convenient to live. Starting from simple calculations to complex inventions and studies, everything involves the usage of the computer. Similarly, Printing and Publishing has now

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This includes the various categories of business and stationary products like post cards, business cards, letter heads, car door magnets, CD Labels, envelops, post cards, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, notepads etc.